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It’s important to get a new car battery before your old car battery completely fails. No one wants to end up stranded by the side of the road or in a parking lot somewhere. It can be difficult to tell whether you need a new battery unless you are familiar with the methods of doing so. This article lists several methods that you can use to check out your current battery and see if you need a new car battery. If you need a new car battery, you can find one at our fully stocked service center. Read on to learn more about figuring out whether you need to replace your old car battery with a new car battery.

Your Car’s Battery Light Comes On

This may be the quickest and simplest way to tell if you need a new car battery. If you are driving along and your vehicle’s battery light comes on, you should bring the vehicle into our service center so our certified technicians can take a look at it. Chances are, the battery needs to be replaced. There are other issues that the battery light could signify, but usually all that’s needed is a new car battery.

Your Car Struggles To Start

This is another common method that people use to figure out whether they need to get a new car battery. If your car struggles or even fails to start, the most likely culprit is a dead battery. If you try to get a jump start and you still can’t start the car, it is very likely that you need to replace your old battery with a new car battery. It is also possible that your vehicle may have problems with its alternator, but battery problems are more common my vehicle struggles to or fails to start.

Your Vehicle’s Headlights Or Interior Lights Randomly Dim
Sometimes, an old battery that is on the verge of failing will cause your vehicle’s headlights to randomly dim down to almost nothing and then surge back on. This does not always happen when a battery is on the verge of failing. This is also another symptom that could point to issues other than an old battery that needs to be replaced. However, if this happens to your car you should have a technician take a look at the battery.

Have Your Vehicle’s Battery Tested

Even if you are not noticing any of the usual symptoms of a failing battery, you may want to have an inspection. This is an especially good idea if you know your vehicle’s battery is quite old. Battery tests are quick and quite accurate. We can tell you whether your battery needs to be replaced and even if there are any problems with your vehicle’s alternator.

Take A Look At The Expiration Date On The Battery
Even a battery that has been running strong for a long time could fail without warning. To avoid this, you should take a look at the expiration date on your vehicle’s battery. Some batteries don’t have expiration dates. They simply have the date that your vehicle’s battery was installed. All batteries should have this date. If the date is more than three years in the past, it’s probably time to think about getting a new battery. Batteries that are more than three years old, even high-quality batteries, have much higher rates of failure than new batteries.

Inspect The Battery

Another way of figuring out whether you need to get a new car battery is taking a close look at the battery. If the battery is cracked or damaged in some way, it’s time to replace it. Also, if you notice any acid leaking from the battery, it is definitely time to replace it. Don’t touch the battery if you see acid leaking from it, as battery acid is very dangerous.

Finding The Right Car Battery

There are many different options out there for car batteries. In fact, there are so many different options that it may be difficult to choose the right one. This is why it’s easier to simply bring your vehicle into our authorized service center. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians can present you with your options from our extensive selection of batteries. We’d be happy to give you advice as to which battery you may want to choose for your vehicle. Bring your vehicle in today to get a high-quality new battery.

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